How to Travel the World for Free

Travelling the world for free might seem like an impossible idea at first, but if you know what to do, you can actually fulfil your dream. There are many practical ideas which can make your journey almost free of cost, such as job overseas, volunteering, delivering things across the borders. Some of the jobs will require more experience and qualification than others, but anyone with a dedication of working and love for travelling can make it possible. Here are a few jobs that can suit your journey with a few skills and knowledge about the place you are visiting.


You can find the stays for free while you house-sit for people in their homes. House-sitting demands you to take care of the house while the owner is away for an agreed amount of time. You will have to take care of the maintenance of the house, pet the animals if there are and feed and walk them around every day. You might also get paid on top of free accommodation which will help you in your excursions as well are shopping. There are many casino online asia websites which provide house-sitting jobs such as MindMyHouse, Nomador, HouseSit Match.

Work on a Cruise Ship

Work on a Cruise Ship

You can work on a cruise ship while you get accommodation, food, and a chance to travel around the world. Not only that, if you are a full-time employee, you will get paid for it. Cruise ships have multiple positions that you can choose from to fit your skills and comfort. These positions include fitness instructor, bartender, babysitter, waiter, cleaning crew, etc. Carnival, Princess, Celebrity are the few websites which provide opportunities for cruise ship jobs.

Teach English

If English is your strong skill, then there are a lot of regions around the world which need you as a teacher. You can get paid for travelling, housing, and even salary on top of it. You also do not need a teaching degree to be qualified for teaching, but sometimes a certificate can be necessary to make you qualify as an English Teacher. Learning the local language of the place are planning to go and teach will be an added benefit. Some of the countries which require English teachers are South Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam.


Volunteer on a Farm

If you want to live in the valleys and watch over fresh vegetables and plants, you have the option of watching over people’s farms. You can connect with the farmers through WWOOF and discuss their requirements and your skillset on farming and agriculture.

House Swap

Another great idea of free accommodation is house swapping. You can get in touch with someone from the place you are planning to go while they are planning to visit your place. You can agree to stay in each others house for a period. HomeExchange is one website which provides such connections.


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