Lilia Inés Guerrero
e-mail lguerrero@TraductoresColombia .com
Languages English

  • High School - Instituto Alice Block.
  • English and Literature -University of Miami.
  • Fine Arts and Literature Appreciation- University of New York.
  • History of the World - Summer Courses - University of Oklahoma.
  • Translator and Interpreter (since 1990) for PRODUCEL ENGINEERS various events.
  • Translator and Interpreter for various ANEC (National Association of Nurses - Colombia) events.
  • Interpreter for several events at the Catholic University of Colombia - Faculty of Psychology - since 1994. Translation of the Psychologists' works.
  • Interpreter for negotiating tables with U.S. businessmen visiting Colombia through the American Embassy, Commercial Section. 1992-1990

Books translated:

  • For MacGraw Hill - 1994 & 1995 (to Spanish)
    2. Project Management
  • For Intermedio Editores (Círculo de Lectores) (to Spanish) (1994)
    1. 25 Sales Practices
    2. Juicing for Life
    3. In Search of the Real Me
    4. Conspiracy in Jerusalem
    5. Healing Food
    6. Prescription for Nutritional Healing
  • To English - Dramatic work wirtten by Jaime Moreno to participate in the Aristotele Onasis World Theater Contest, Greece. December, 1999: Pasión en los Estrados. (Courts and Passion).
  • Translation of Nursing Dictionary to Spanish for Acofaen/CIPE (World Council of Nursing), January, 1999.
  • Translation to Spanish of several BBC of London and Discovery Channel documentaries) (1997-1998)
    Subjects: animal life and History (Greece, Egypt, Rome, biographies on scientists, e.g. Einstein, Darwin)
  • Translation to English of Scientist Ramiro Vergara's informative brochure on his invention for the treatment of Tinnitus, for submission before the World Congress of Otorhinolaryngologists, October, 1999.
  • Film script, written by Jaime Moreno: La Ley del Tres (The Law of Court No. 3) - 2002
  • Additionally, I work for local and multinational companies translating their contracts, correspondence, brochures, etc. in different business, scientific, technical and cultural areas.