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The price is right – Pricing strategies for your translation services

Dictado por Tess Whitty


Translation is not only a profession, it is also a craft, and most of the time, we just want to focus on the craft. However, as freelancers we need to market our services in order to be successful. (Tess Whitty)


How do you set and get a fair price for your translation work? Here are some tips and strategies for finding the right price for your services and finding customers that want to pay your price. This session will discuss how to calculate your target rate, how to set minimum fees, rush charges and other extra fees and how to deal with free tests. You will also learn strategies on how to negotiate rates, raise or adjust your rates, and optimize with cat-tools and how to develop the mindset for getting paid what you are worth.


Tess Whitty






Full-time Translator since 2003 ATA Certified for English into Swedish Qualified/Certified Member of ITI Certified Translator – US Dept. of State M.A. in Business Communications and PR M.Sc. in International Marketing Product Marketing Specialist.






Fecha: 9 de marzo de 2016


Horario: 1:00 a 2:00 p.m.

Modalidad: Webinar


Valor inversión: $ 40.000 miembros ACTI

                             $ 40.000 estudiantes con carné vigente

                             $ 50.000 particulares

El taller será dictado en inglés.

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