With the aim of professionalizing the translation activity in Colombia and providing the guild with a spokesperson, a group of translation and interpretation professionals of different nationalities created, in June 1998, the Colombian Association of Translators and Interpreters, ACTI, an entity non-profit, in order to:

Promote recognition of the activity of translation and interpretation.
Define and ensure the maintenance of standards in the areas of ethics, business practices and linguistic competence.
Promote the update of the translator and the interpreter.
Offer a means of union representation before third parties.
Sponsor the exchange with associations that pursue similar objectives.
Seek integration and mutual support between translators and interpreters.

Benefits for members and the general public
  1. A space and platform to exchange valuable information about the profession and improve the different aspects inherent in it.
  2. Directory of translators and interpreters, by language and area of ​​expertise.
  3. Access to numerous presentations of current key issues for the profession, made by recognized specialists.
  4. The opportunity to carry out projects for the benefit of the profession, such as a job board for translators and interpreters, training programs, presentations, events, glossaries, networks, and so on.
  5. Mediation services in professional disputes.
  6. Achievement and further promotion of the translator’s law.