Interpretation Of Conferences

Interesting book in which the author reveals all the fields of interpretation as a professional activity, the eminently interlinguistic function that she fulfills in the field of language and communication sciences, and the preponderant role that she assumes every day as facilitator of the processes of globalization in the different fields of human activity.

It is not intended to be a textbook; However, the content, methodology and treatment of the topics are developed in an understandable and didactic way. It mainly pursues a utilitarian purpose, tries to be versatile, accessible to the average reader, without prejudice to its theoretical frameworks, its methodological requirements, or its scientific rigor. It aims to be a guide where it is about forging the specialist, of initiating it in the secret of techniques, in the ductibility of managing their resources and skills, in identifying problems, in the search for the shortest and best solutions

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